About Us


Dr Kang Taek Lim, Hon. Chairman, PSLD Spine Foundation India


  • President of Good Doctor Teun Teun Spine Hospital 
  • Executive Director of IHTSS , International High Tech. Spine Surgery 
  • Clinical Faculty of Hallym Medical School, Soul. Korea. 
  • Director of KOMISS (Korea Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) 
  • Director of IITS (International Intradiscal Therapy Society) 
  • Organizing committee of International High – Tech Spine Surgery Symposium 2014 Seoul 
  • Director of ACMISST, Asian Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Techniques. 
  • Consultant physicians of Myelotec, USA 
  • Consultant Physician of Maxmorespine, Germany. 
  • Member of AO spine, NASS, CNS. 
  • Review Board of JMISST, Journal of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Technique. 
  • Review Board of AJP, Asian Journal of Pain. 
  • International Board of our esteemed journal JOSS (Journal of Spine Surgery), official journal of NSSA (Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association, India )


Dr Malcolm D. Pestonji, Managing Director, Endoscopy Spine Foundation India & PSLD Spine Foundation India


  • Hon Professor Endoscopic spine surgery 
  • Center of Endoscopic Excellence 
  • MGM University of Health Sciences Navi Mumbai 
  • Sr Faculty Mission Spine Foundation India 
  • Spine surgeon Golden Park Hospital 
  • Life Member MISSAB 


Dr Anand Kavi, Executive Director, PSLD Spine Foundation India

Consultant Endoscopic Spine Surgeon at:  

  • OnP Tulip Hospital, Pune, India, since 2016
  • Apollo Spectra Hospital, Pune and Mumbai, India, since 2015
  • Deendayal Memorial Hospital, Pune , India, since 2010
  • Jupiter Hospital, Pune, India, since 2017
    Global Hospital, Pune, India, since 2018